Sunday, 23 August 2015

From Girl to Lion

This week I was involved in a fellow colleagues final project to finish her hairdressing course at college. Her theme was animals and today's post will show you how I went from Girl to Lion. 

To start off my hair Sam curled my hair into tight ringlets. After an hour of curling since my hair is quite literally as thick as a lions fur coat, she shook out the curls and back combed the hair situated around my crown to give it more volume and to make it look more 'manely'. She finished with a Dutch braid across the front of my head and plenty of hairspray and texture dust to set. My hair was then complete and all that had to be added was my 'fur'. This consisted of hair like fluff from Hobby Craft tucked around a choker. 

Once my hair was complete I was sent to Laura Sutherland (check out her website here)  to allow my face to match my mane on my head. Laura used an airbrush machine to give me my lion features and then to make my lion slightly more glamourous she gave me an edgy, dramatic cat eye with liquid and pencil liner.

Here is how I turned out:

I was incredibly happy how I turned out and since I was going out later on in the day I removed my makeup and de-volumised my crown and I was good to go. It was a beautiful style I would happily wear again.

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the talents of Sam and Laura as much as I enjoyed being apart of it.
Have a good week,
Ellie x

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What I've Been Wearing This Summer

Hey guys, long time no see! Sorry I have been a tad MIA this past month - life has been a bit hectic, but I am back and more ready than ever to get up some hopefuly(fingers crossed) great blog posts. 

Whilst on holiday last week since I was finally exposed to some sun I got to actually pull out my summery clothes from my wardrobe and here are the things you would have caught me in, enjoy!


Sunglasses don't only protect and shield your eyes from the sun, in my mind they are the perfect accessory. If I ever can't be bothered to put makeup on, which is most days if it is hot outside, I just throw on some sunglasses and they solve everything! Not to mention the amount of stylish sunglasses on the market, you can look vintage, mysterious or edgy with just an addition on sunnies.

Off The Shoulder Tops

Off the shoulder tops have been my favourite things to wear this summer. They are comfortable, keep you cool and are so simple to style. Just wearing one of these tops and shorts or jeans can make you look effortlessly sheek and elegant, all whilst being completely comfortable. This one I'm wearing is from River Island but I also have one from Topshop which I also love.

Casual Dresses

I very rarely wear dresses as one of the things I absolutely hate is tights, but in the summer when it is warm enough not to wear tights I am definitely up to wear dresses. I love simple dresses which can be worn casually in the day with Converse but can also be dolled up at night with heels and jewelry. This dress from Boutique Of Molly is absolutlely perfect for that.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you soon
Thank you for reading
Ellie x

Sunday, 28 June 2015

5 Seconds Of Summer - ROWYSO Tour 2015

This month I have been lucky enough to go to a number of concerts to see some of my favourite artists, one of which was 5SOS. I went to the Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour on the 1st of June at the SSE Hydro and I can honestly say it was one of th best nights of my life. Considering only a year ago I went to see 5SOS at the O2 ABC in Glasgow which is a pretty small venue probably only holding around 1,100 and then seeing them at the Hydro which holds 13,000 is pretty insane and makes me incredibly proud. The set list which included Voodoo Doll, Rejects, SLSP and a quick rendition of 500 miles was top notch and I enjoyed every second. 5SOS are hands down one of my favourite bands and definitely one of my favourite bands to see live. The energy the boys have on stage whilst playing instruments and still being able to sound inncredible is a talent some artists can only dream of. Here are some of the photos I managed to take:

I had such a great night and my friends and I finished it with blasting LivesSOS in the car home singing to the people of Glasgow ahaha! The boys are absolutely amazing live and I feel so damn lucky to have seen them. Thank you Mikey, Calum, Ashton and Luke for such a brilliant night.

I also uploaded a video to YouTube of the boys singing Heartache On The Big Screen

Thank you for reading
Ellie x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Trip To London - Capital Summertime Ball

So last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Capital Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium and I thought I would show you some photos of my weekend. On Saturday my friend and I attended the Ball and the day after we were typical touritsts going on the London Eye, walking past Parliament and Buckingham Palace and just taking in what London has to offer.

The Summertime Ball was incredible! I highly enjoyed every single artist but my absolute favourites were One Direction (this is obvious if you know me at all), Ne-yo, Pitbull, Rixton, Avicii, Little Mix and Jason Derulo. Those artists for me knew how to get the crowd going and put on one heck of a show. Some other artists that were also there were Ariana Grande, Olly Murs, Fifth Harmony, Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson and Flo Rida. Maybe if the lineup is as incredible as it was this year, I would definitely like to attend the Ball again! Here are my photos from the show:

One Direction

Flo Rida

Little Mix

Rita Ora


Overall I had an amazing time in London and I can't wait until the next time I get to visit! I also got to meet a fellow blogger, Jenny from A Frugal Of Perfection who was so lovely and I am so glad we finally got to meet:)
Thank you for reading
Ellie x

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Boutique Of Molly - OOTD

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening whatever time it is where you are right now! I know I've been MIA for the past month or so but with exams and studying, everything's been a little crazy - but I am back and ready to be writing blog posts again. I am kicking it off today with an OOTD featuring Boutique Of Molly - a small boutique which offers stunning clothes at affordable prices and one of my best friends Meg, who agreed to model for me. Boutique Of Molly kindly asked me if I would be interested in blogging for them and after looking at their site and what they have to offer I agreed. There is also a coupon code I have for you all which is MOLLY and allows you to receive 10% off your order. So without further or due here's my OOTD:

Meg from Megan Rachael Clark, modelling the Black PVC Detail Top from Boutique Of Molly

About Boutique Of Molly

Boutique Of Molly is an online store based in the UK. It is a relatively small, new brand but the customer service and professionalism is outstanding, maybe better than some of the most popular high street shops. I can swear this as since due to having scoliosis my shoulders and back are uneven and this as well as my broad swimmer shoulders makes it hard to know what size I have to purchase as it varies based on brand, style of clothing etc. So after a few packages coming to my door and having to be sent back again to swapped and redelivered I can put my hand on my heart and say Boutique Of Molly treat their customers at an exceptional standard. The boutique itself offers a range of great quality clothing from 2 piece sets to tops to dresses which can be shipped worldwide. In my opinion and this isn't just because I have been asked to feature them but Boutique Of Molly is definitely a shop I would repurchase from time and time again. I would also just like to make my readers with broad shoulders like myself aware to maybe order a size up in some of the tops to make sure your shoulders have enough room but other than that I would highly recommend you all to check the website out. Click here to check it out.

Thank you all for reading! I have the privilege of seeing 5 Seconds of Summer tomorrow so watch out for a blog post all things 'punk rock' ahaha, see you all next week:)
Ellie x 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Vamps World Tour - 2015

Last night I went to see The Vamps on their world tour supported by The Fooo Conspiracy, The Tide and Union J. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that I saw The Vamps last year and since they were great I 100% wanted to see them again.

Out of the three support acts which were all amazing I have to say I enjoyed The Tides set the most mainly because I was a huge fan before last night.If you haven't heard of The Tide they are four cheeky american boys signed by The Vamps. The boys also held a signing during the day which I also attended and they were all so lovely and sweet. Here are some photos of them from the concert:



Austin, Nate and Levi


 An embarrassed Levi when Austin was telling the crowd a story about what he was getting up to before the show ahahahah 

Drew and Levi jamming

Here are my photos of The Vamps:






Overall the concert was immense. Each support act was amazing and The Vamps are just incredible live. The amount of energy they have on stage whilst still singing wonderfully is insane. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I look forward to seeing them again soon.
Thanks for reading
Ellie x